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Enhancing parenting and carers skills with mindful activities

mindful_parentingThis new online workshop for parents and carers is designed for those who want to learn some simple ways to help their children de-stress, feel calm and centred with mindfulness.

Taught by Lorraine Murray, an expert with over 14 years experience and author of 2 books on this subject 'Calm Kids' and 'Connected Kids', she'll empower you with some basic mindfulness skills to help you bring more peace into the home.

Teaching your children mindfulness can help them to manage change with emotional resilience.

The online course is a mix of stand alone modules that you complete at your own pace and schedule, with a group online session (with lorraine) giving you a virtual classroom to ask questions and learn more.

The online workshop is suitable for any level of experience and particularly for carers and parents. It will help you 'get started' teaching your kids meditation.

Lorraine is passionate about helping families with children who have additional support needs, including autism, ADHD and dyspraxia.

Connected Kids™ Connected Parents & Carers

This course will help:-

  • you understand what meditation is and it's benefits for you and your family.
  • you learn how mindfulness supports children's health and wellbeing
  • to introduce you to easy-to-apply, meditation techniques that accomodate the needs of parents/carers
  • you discover the range of meditation styles to focus on the breath for all ages and abilities
  • you understand how your energy and emotions affect your children and what you can(practically) do about it
  • provide you with easy-to-introduce techiques to help you and your family feel calm and centered.

Online Training - what is it?

This online training in mindful parenting - gives you access to easy-to-use modules full of information and practical exercises.

  • easy-to-use online modules via your home/computer/tablet/phone
  • online meditations designed to help adults feel calmer and more centered
  • Practical exercises to help you adapt teaching meditation to your lifestyle and home
  • 24/7 access to materials, exercises and information
  • designed to support the needs of parents/carers
  • access to an online group session with Lorraine E Murray
  • will run using your existing software - full technical support available by email

Mindful parenting - what next

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