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Helping the 'Big' Connected Kids

Although Connected Kids™ is dedicated to helping young people learn meditation and mindfulness...we appreciate that adults need some support and help too0.

Our meditation and therapy programme empowers you with skills that can support your self care.

The face-to-face training courses in Indian Head Massage, EFT and Reiki are offered by professional, experienced tutors (most of whom we have trained). They are also exceptionally nice people who are committed to helping you on your journey.

These courses are offered in 2 stages.

The first stage (level 1) is usually for self support and healing - or you are simply interested in learning it as a beginner.

The 2nd stage (level 2) is where we take you to a professional level and this stage will involve some form of assessment (case studies/exam etc). When people take this stage it is usually to secure professional insurance to practise as a therapist.

Meditation Courses.

We offer an online beginners guide/refresher to meditation, created by the founder, Lorraine E Murray. She has 2 books on the subject of meditation and has been teaching meditation since 2003.

Online meditation sessions - these involve an online 'live' meditation session with Lorraine which are recorded so you can listen in again at your own pace. We'll be introducing this into our teaching programme in 2016.

Therapy or Meditation Questions?

You can drop us an email if you have a specific question about a therapy course or meditation that isn't answered on our website.

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