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Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness

stones piled on top of each other at a beachThere are tangible benefits if you choose to practise meditation.

Our students have mentioned the following benefits from attending our meditation and mindfulness training.

  • feeling calmer and happier
  • reducing muscular tension and pain
  • improving sleep
  • increasing energy levels
  • improving self esteem
  • breathing improved
  • reducing headaches
  • improving recovery after illness
  • improving ability to focus and concentrate

Although these methods have been used for thousands of years in Eastern Philosophy, the health benefits of meditation are now being recognised by the medical profession. Some of these may include:

  • helping reverse heart disease
  • helping to lower high blood pressure
  • helping increase blood circulation to digestive system, skin and brain
  • helping to reduce the ageing process by affecting the hormone system!
  • helping to stimulate and strengthen your immune system

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