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Styles of Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness/Mindful Awareness

There are different approaches to learning meditation. Mindfulness is one approach you can use. This is where you learn to focus and be in the moment.

Your focus might be your breath; just noticing the 'in' and the 'out' breath.

Most people ignore their breath but it is a useful tool for meditation. Even if you start to pay it attention as you read these words (do it now... take your attention to the tip of your nose and just notice your in and out breath).

What you'll find is that for those few seconds you do this, you will not be thinking or worrying about the past /future. In other words you'll be in the moment and offer yourself a moment of peace.

body shot of man meditatingWe teach this method as part of our course.

It gives you the opportunity to try meditation using this simple method of mindfulness and start to 're-train' your mind so that your negative thoughts do not control your every, waking moment.

Relaxation - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Learning to relax is difficult for many people. Our society is stimulated through technology, sugar and caffeine in our diets alongside a hectic lifestyle.

Practising relaxation of your body will have a positive and powerful affect on your health and wellbeing.

We teach PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) which is a method that helps you to release stress and tension in your body. You practise this in our course to help you learn how to relax and reduce physical tension within your body.

This is an excellent technique to learn to improve sleep issues.

It is also an important step for you to take as a beginner as it will make it easier to access other meditation techniques.

Guided Meditation and Visualisation

We also empower you with this style of meditation in the course.

Your mind is a powerful tool and although we are showing you how to use it (via your imagination), your body responds as if you are actually in this peaceful place your mind has created.

This helps you to let go of worries and develop a sense of inner peace.

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