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Chakras and Energy

What are the 'Chakras'?

The chakras are a term used in Eastern philosophy to perceive the body (or person) as energy. This approach to health views a person as an energy system that is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Energy flows through your body just as your blood flows through your circulatory system. If there is a healthy flow of energy, then you have a healthy body!

Within your energy, there are key centres where the energy is concentrated - these centres are known as chakras. In the ancient texts of India (Sanskrit texts dating back 1000's of years) the word 'chakra' means 'wheel'. Within your energy, your chakra means a 'wheel of energy' and it vibrates at a certain frequency when it is balanced. If the energy through your chakra is sluggish or overactive, then it is unbalanced.

multicoloured drawing of 7 main energy centres highlighted from top to base of spineThere are 7 main chakras (see diagram) and these are the main ones we focus on in meditation and healing. However you do have 100s of chakras. You have chakras in the soles of your feet (which help you to stay grounded and strong as they connect to the earth and your Root chakra at the base of your spine). You have chakras in your hands which are noticeable when you do healing like Reiki (they may become tingly or warm).

How Chakras Work

Each chakra contains information (energy) about you. It is like saving files on a computer disc. Every thought, emotion and experience you have is like a file and is deposited (saved) into your energy system (your PC). Then you use your chakras as a filter to help you interpret the energy around you. eg people, your environment and future experiences. Just as you would retrieve a file on your PC if you needed some information.

If you think positive thoughts, then positive energy is what you 'deposit' into your chakras. If you think 'negative thoughts' then it will affect the balance of your chakras. Thoughts, emotions and physical energy are all connected. If you have a lot of negative emotions, you may find that a chakra is sluggish or blocked and can cause emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

The different chakras have different meanings. Each represents an aspect of your life - survival/physical, relationships/sex, self esteem/power, unconditional love/acceptance, communication/decisions, imagination/thought patterns and spirituality/faith.

Chakras and Health

The location of the chakras connect to the physical body. In other words if you get tension or health issues in your stomach it may be an issue to do with self esteem/power (the Solar Plexus chakra). This will have built up over time (negative thoughts/feelings) before eventually your physical body gets your attention through an imbalance or disease.

Some complementary therapies like Reiki or Indian Head Massage help balance your chakras. During the healing, you absorb the clear healing energy into your chakras to improve the flow of energy around and through a chakra and/or releasing any blockages.

Meditation is another approach, helping you to bring chakras back into balance while providing insights into the source of the imbalance or blockage. Meditation also helps to avoid another imbalance building up within the chakra.

Chakra Overview

Chakra Position Colour Balanced Over Active Under Active
Root At the base of the spine Red centred/grounded, physically healthy, unlimited physical energy, focused/concentration, realising goals materialistic, domineering, aggressive, sleep issues, unable to relax unable to focus, overly emotional, fearful, self pitying, fear of being abandoned, feel unlovable
Sacral lower abdomen Orange friendly, optimistic, sense of belonging, creative, concerned for others self serving, overly ambitious, emotionally explosive, manipulative blame, guilt,frigid, distrustful, shy, self negating, resentful, bury emotions
Solar Plexus centre, below ribs Yellow good self esteem, outgoing, cheerful, self respect, respect others, comfortable setting boundaries, skilfull, intelligent judgmental, workaholic, perfectionist, need alcohol/drugs to relax, blame others, lack of self esteem, depressed, fearful, indecisive, apathy, procrastination, unable to say "no"
Heart Centre of chest Green/Pink compassionate, humanitarian, balanced, knows that self balance imperative in order to help others. overly critical, demanding, possessive, angry, jealous afraid of letting go, getting hurt, needing constant confirmation of self worth
Throat throat Sky Blue contented, centred, good speaker, musical/artistic/creative arrogant, self righteous, talk too much,poor listener, addictive behaviour scared, timid, hold back, quiet, weak, unreliable, unable to express thoughts/feelings
Brow centre of forehead, just between eyebrows Indigo intuitive, trusts inner self, no fear of death egomaniac, religiously dogmatic, proud, manipulative undisciplined, afraid of success/failure, analyses too much
Crown Crown of head Violet open to divine, aware of 'big picture', goes with the 'flow' sense of frustration, depressed, manic depressed, migraines/headaches No spark of joy, catatonic, unable to move forward
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